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Why did I built Quick Logging?

  • When my girlfriend and I wanted to track our expenses, I built a small web app, where we could select our names, an amount a company and category for our expenses. The data was saved into a CSV which we further used in a spreadsheet application to create diagrams and filter data.
  • When we planned a big party for my friends with 50 - 60 guests I built a small web app for registration to check how many people will come, which food and sport they like. Everything as CSV to later use it in a spreadsheet program.

These two web apps followed the same pattern. They used simple forms to get data that I later used in another application. So the idea behind Quick Logging was to simplify the process of creating such web apps.

With Quick Logging it’s possible to build form based web apps for data input. All the data is saved and can be downloaded as a CSV for use in your other applications.

Different fields can be used and access can be restricted to the web app with a URL based.

The created web apps can have a custom icon and can be added to the home screen on iPhone or Android devices.


The application is built with PHP and uses a SQLite database. Stripe is used for the payment process.

How it’s going

I posted the project on Product Hunt and Hacker News without getting traction from those sites. Otherwise I did not advertise the project. A few people have tried the application, but no one uses it consistently.

Quick Logging uses four pricing models:

  • Free: Unlimited apps with a maximum of five fields
  • Single ($3/month): Unlimited apps, one with unlimited fields
  • Basic ($7/month): Unlimited apps, five with unlimited fields
  • Pro ($15/month): Unlimited apps with unlimited fields